Villa Lifestyle

Unique, sustainable and handcrafted home decoration

Handmade interior and mosaic tables

Villa Lifestyle is synonymous with a relaxed way of life where the glow and warmth of the South is combined with the simplicity of the North. It is a lifestyle that values the real and authentic and integrates the original and traditional into a modern and sustainable future.

All products are made by hand and reflect old craft techniques that have gradually become a rarity.

Do visit our site showing our handmade terracotta jars and pots for the garden and our website for unique and beautiful world of tiles.

When ordering, you will receive an orderconfirmation in DKK, written in danish. But do not worry  - shortly afterwards a new confirmation in english with the amount in euro will follow. Please do not wire any money before we get in contact.


Handcrafted vintage trays and more

Handcrafted silver and aluminum trays: 87,- euro

Wave handcrafted dinnerware - and coffee set

Tagine and co.

Olive wooden articles and more

Textiles, rugs and more

Tuareg jewelry

Tuareg jewelry - necklace: 39,- euro

Mosaic tables in the sizes 60, 70 and 80 cm ø - contact us for any other size!

Mosaic tables 60 cm ø - Price in euro: 469,-

Mosaic tables 70 cm ø - Price in euro: 599,-

Mosaic tables 80 cm ø - Price in euro: 739,-


Villa Lifestyle

Sundbrovej 57, DK-5700 Svendborg

Ph +45 24209329