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Villa Handmade Tiles

Villa Handmade Tiles is a specialist in handmade tiles according to historical manufacturing techniques. Villa Handmade Tiles manufactures cement tiles in a two-layer technique, also called encaustic tiles, in many designs adapted to the purpose of use - inside and outside. Villa Handmade Tiles is dedicated to the further development of old craft techniques for new types of handmade tiles and develops new designs using the old crafts.

Villa Handmade Tiles also carries a fairly large collection of the historic tile types zellige as well as handmade terracotta tiles.

Marokkanske fliser, håndlavede fliser, cementfliser, Villa Fliser

At Villa Handmade Tiles, we primarily develop and manufacture two types of handmade tiles. One of them is handmade tiles in the old European two-layer technique combining marble and cement, which are often called encaustic tiles due to the possibility of inlaying patterns. This type of handmade tiles is the oldest technique for producing durable and wear resistant floor tiles.

Marokkanske fliser, Next House Hostel, Next House Copenhagen, cementfliser, håndlavede fliser

Villa Handmade Tiles has its workshop for encaustic tiles, cement tiles with marble wear layer, in Marrakech, Morocco. This is due to the fact, that Morocco has become one of the most important places in the world to maintain craftsmanship, - including the manufacturing of handmade tiles. 

Håndlavede fliser, Villa Fliser, cementfliser, Marokkanske fliser

Villa Handmade Tiles´ craftsmen and employees in Morocco have been involved in Villa Handmade Tiles production of terracotta tiles, encaustic tiles and other handicrafts for interior design since 2002. A long collaboration that guarantees continuity and competence when it comes to the production and organization of the handmade tiles from Villa Handmade Tiles´ workshops in Marrakech and Fez.

Marokkanske fliser, Restaurant Unda Horsens, cementfliser, håndlavede fliser

Villa Handmade Tiles has further developed this old craft technique for outdoor tiles, which we now manufacture in many patterns, forms and colours. Another development by Villa Handmade Tiles is curved tiles for rounding corners and tiles with slip resistance inlayed as a pattern. Villa Handmade Tiles has its own collection of Danish design classics – tile design made by Villa Handmade Tiles.

Udendørs fliser fra Villa Fliser, model Art Nouveau

The other type at Villa Handmade Tiles is zellige tiles, which are also sometimes written zellij. Zellige tiles are handmade tiles using craft techniques dating back to the 12th century in Morocco. Zellige tiles are terracotta tiles and are mostly known as glazed tiles in many beautiful colours, which are cut into mosaic tiles. At Villa Handmade Tiles, they are also available as tiles without glaze, which are often known as handmade floor tiles or terracotta tiles.

Zellige fliser fra Villa Fliser, Bar Jacobsen Illum Rooftop