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Danish design tiles

Since 2002 Villa has been dedicated unique craftsmanship in combination with Danish design, made by Villa.

The authenticity and sustainability of the old craft techniques have inspired us to design and create new tiles in the tradition of Danish design. A collection that shows a beautiful range from the world of tiles.

The handmade cement and encaustic tiles, manufactured at Villa last a lifetime and are available in countless shapes and patterns. From classical Danish design patterns, made by Villa to classical patterns from the start of 1900.

As the Danish design tradition has its focus on simplicity, Villa have integrated many tile shapes in the collection. Each of the shapes from diamond to herringbone and hexagon are available in Villa´s Danish design colours.

As something very extraordinary, we at Villa Danish design team have further developed the craftmanship for cement tiles to include curved corner tiles, slip resistant tiles and outdoor tiles. All patented by Villa Handmade Tiles and included in our Danish design collection.The colour collection in Danish design, made to match the Nordic light include 30 standard colours.

Have a look at our wonderful tiles by clicking here. You Do not have to compromise on style, colour, shape or size. Combine all colours with each possibility within patterns and shapes – and we will do a sample for you.

Contact us for advice concerning your building project - and order a sample. If you happen to love the handmade lifestyle – do have a look at Villa Lifestyle and our handcrafted interior items and furniture.

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