Zellige, Bejmatte and clay tiles

Maybe the oldest tiles still in production

Zellige and more - by Villa

Zellige or zellij tiles are among the oldest tiles in the world and at Villa Tiles we are proud to offer these unique handmade tiles from Fez in Morocco. The Zellige tiles are original Moroccan tiles and were developed back in the 12th century as the basic material for mosaics that were used to decorate mosques and palaces. For this reason, the handmade zellige tiles from Villa are still to this day hand-hewn after production. The handmade zellige tiles are terracotta tiles and are therefore fired before and after the glaze is laid on the zellige tile. The Zellige tiles are available both with and without glaze. At Villa Handmade Tiles you will find the unglazed handmade zellige tiles under floor tiles and terracotta tiles.

The zellige tiles are however particularly known for the many beautiful colours and at Villa Handmade Tiles we have a nice assortment of the original zellige tiles in several sizes and shapes. This goes for the hand-shaped zellige tiles but not for the traditional hand-hewn zellige tile. The traditionally hand-hewn zellige tiles are only available in sizes up to 10x10 cm.


All prices are net retail prices per m2, DKK incl. VAT

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The zellige tiles in 10x10 cm are available as handshaped and hand hewn tiles.

Do order a colour sample as the screen does not always provide the true colour.

Zellige tiles 10x10 cm, handshaped - 239,- euro/m2

Zellige tiles 15x15 cm, handshaped - 255,- euro/m2

Clay tiles, natural clay unglazed

Natural Herringbone, 4,5 x 14 cm - 133,- euro/m2

Natural Herringbone, 5 x 20 cm - 215,- euro/m2

Natural tiles, 10x10 cm - 133,- euro/m2

Natural tiles, 15 x 15 cm - 155,- euro/m2

Natural tiles, 20 x 20 cm - 200,- euro/m2

natural tiles, 10 x 20 cm - 200,- euro/m2


Herringbone tiles, Bejmatte - available in all 16 colours

Natural herringbone, unglazed 4,5x14 cm - 133,- euro/m2

Herringbone, colour glazed, 4,5x14 cm - 200,- euro/m2

Natural herringbone, unglazed 5 x 20 cm - 215,- euro/m2

Herringbone, colour glazed, 5 x 20 cm - 267,- euro/m2