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Retro design

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Villa design

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Special design

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Zellige and Bejmatte

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Natural clay tiles

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Nordic colour collection

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Handmade indoor tiles

Encaustic Tiles 

The encaustic tiles originate from Central Europe, where they can still be found in production in the classical version for interior design. From here the two-layered handicraft technique of the encaustic cement tile became widespread throughout the rest of the world and known for its durability and many possibilities within interior design. In the era around 1900 to 1930 the tiles were introduced to the handicraft people of Morocco. Since then, the two-layered marble-cement tiles, has become a renown handicraft item from the many workshops in Marrakech, forming an important part of the interior design decoration of many homes, restaurants and hotels in the world.

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At the workshop of Villa Handmade Tiles, we still manufacture with a wear layer of granulated marble, which means that the tiles have a special depth and deliciously soft looking texture. This is important for the authentic style, creating a unique and exclusive interior design.

Cementfliser, Diamond fliser, rombe fliser, håndlavede cementfliser, håndlavede cementfliser, handgjort kakel

At Villa Handmade Tiles we are dedicated to further development of the many interior design possibilities offered by this handicraft technique. In addition to having introduced the market to many new tile shapes for more opportunities within interior design, such as octagon tiles, hexagon tiles, diamond tiles and the popular herringbone tiles, Villa Handmade Tiles has also developed completely new technical possibilities within two-layered marble-cement tiles. This increases the interior design opportunities significantly.

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In this way we have developed unique possibilities within interior design, as we are the sole manufacturer in the world, to produce two-layered tiles for rounding and curving edges and corners. This gives every home the possibility of elevated interior design and easy cleaning due to the rounded finish of edges and corners.

If you have areas in your interior design, where you need slip resistant surfaces, Villa Handmade Tiles has developed and designed a version that integrates slip resistance in the pattern. This creates unique possibilities for interior design which is beautiful and practical at the same time.

The special tiles for exclusive interior design such as curved edge tiles, tiles with slip resistance and outdoor tiles are completely unique within the range of encaustic tiles and cement tiles for interior design. The properties are therefore registered with the Patent Office. The unique handcrafted and patented tiles for interior design also solve demanding challenges within interior design in public areas, where consideration for the disabled, easy cleaning, attractive design and durability must go hand in hand.

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Interior design in 30 nordic colors

The two-layer marble-cement tiles from Villa Handmade Tiles for interior design differ in important respects from other handmade tiles and from cement tiles in general. Contrary to most other manufacturers of encaustic tiles for interior design, Villa Handmade Tiles develops new designs for exclusive interior design of your home or within retail or the hospitality industry.

Among other things, Villa Handmade Tiles has developed a range of colours for attractive interior design in line with Nordic design and in shades that suit the light in the Northern hemisphere. The encaustic tiles from Villa Handmade Tiles are available in 30 unique Nordic colours for interior design. It is even possible for special interior design projects to have their own tile colour, created by Villa. This is completely unique for cement and encaustic tiles for interior design and is only available at Villa Handmade Tiles.