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5700 Svendborg

tlf: +45 24209329

cvr. 26 03 51 39

The exhibition is open between 11 and 17.30

monday - sunday

Sales and interior design advice by appointment

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tlf: +45 24209329

cvr. 26 03 51 39

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Trade conditions

All orders are binding on the customer. Cancellations cannot generally be made unless Villa has expressly and in writing agreed to it.

The indicated delivery date is a guide only; Villa reserves the right for external factors that may affect the delivery time. Villa informs the customer if there are deviations from the specified delivery date. When the goods have been handed over to the forwarder or carrier, the risk passes to the customer. Only in case of a special request from the customer, we can provide insurance for the transport. The insurance costs accrue to the customer.

Payment is made on agreed terms. If nothing else has been agreed, an advance of 50% is paid upon order production. The rest is paid on delivery. In the event of later payment, interest of 2% per started month after maturity and DKK 80 per month will be charged

As the goods are handmade, it is to be expected that there are minor unevenness, color differences, etc. with the tiles. Handmade differences must also be expected with lifestyle products. It is assumed that min. 10% waste has been added to the effective tile amount when ordering to compensate for unsorting, minor transport damages and cutting.

Villa does not take responsibility for correct laying of tiles or for problems that occur after laying and processing the tiles. We recommend using professional craftsmen and that our instructions are followed. Please ask for our instruction sheats at delivery if not provided earlier. 

Obvious defects or incorrect deliveries must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. In case of damaged goods, the damage must be noted on the waybill with the carrier's signature. If there is hidden damage that could only be seen upon closer examination, this must be reported within 6 days of receipt at the latest.
Return shipments require our clear understanding and are only received free of charge at our warehouse.
All complaints must be made before installation. Complaints about visible defects, color or structural defects cannot be accepted after the tiles have been laid.